Scalloped Shorts

Scallops are girly and fun way to add an unexpected detail to any outfit! I made these scalloped jean shorts out of a pair of thrifted Levi high waisted shorts that I purchased for a whopping $3 at a local thrift store. I'm sure you can find a pair that will fit you if you search hard enough!

Materials: Shorts, scissors, marker, and anything circular object you can trace half circles with. 

First, trace half circles along the hem of your shorts using your circle shaped object. (Here I am using the butt of a hair product) Using a washable marker is great because it is easy to work with, and it washes off easily! 

Then, CUT! 

And you are done. 

Pretty easy DIY right there. 
I will have an outfit post with my newly designed shorts soon. :)
My blogging absence can be blamed on AP test studying! I'm so excited to get it over with! 


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