one for one

{Outfit Details}
(Blazer and dress, H&M)
(Wedges, TOMS)
(Bag, Thrifted)

I am wearing both of my absolute favorite pieces that I recently purchased.

First: the white blazer. I got it from H&M and it fits amazingly well. The fabric feels like a nice cotton, so it still looks casual despite the structured fit, and it is light enough to wear for the summer! I know for a fact that I'm going to be wearing this baby for years and years to come. I just hope it won't get dirty too soon! But the first day I wore it, of course I had to eat spaghetti with red tomato sauce...ya, needless to say, I got a little on my sleeve as I chowed down (a break from my summer body diet). 
This blazer has a similar fit to the Theory one I am lusting over. At 1/6 of the price! 

Second: TOMS red wedges. I think it was last year that TOMS came out with their wedges, and I remember thinking they were freaking awesome!! So, I decided to get them this year as my go-to summer shoe. I mean, it's for a great cause as well, because as you all know, buy a pair, and a child in need receives a pair. So boom. I bought 'em. 
They are comfy and cute. I went with the red ones over the neutral colors (like black and grey), because HEY! You can go hard, or you can go home! (aka go for the bright and fun red ones)

Can you BELIEVE it is MAY already?! I sure can't...this year is going by so. fast. wow. 
Anyways, my "diet" is going okay... Every morning, I am drinking a lettuce, broccoli, apple, and banana smoothie. 

It's actually not that bad at all....who am I kidding? It's bad. :P


Scalloped Shorts