flower child

{Shorts and top thrifted}
{Headband, Forever21}

and I'm bAAAAAAAAAAaaaaack! 

Today, I took my AP World History Test! I can't tell you how liberating it feels to have gotten it done. And I can not wrap my head around the fact that there is only 13 days of school left until (what time is it?) SUMMER TIME! My older sister also just graduated from college, and I am moving to a new place this summer. So, it's going to be hectic with all the moving and traveling. I am nervous, excited, sad, happy, confused, anxious...ETC. I'm just taking it day by day for now!

This outfit features my DIY shorts that I scalloped. (Is that a word?) I love this flower headband, because it makes me feel like an awesome flower child prancing in the fields. 

All of these pictures were taken by my friend, Amara. She is talented in photography, and is an all around awesome person. Check out her blog! She just started it though, so as you all know starting a blog does take some time to get used to and set up just right! 

check it out: AJY Photography


... dot dot dot ...

Scalloped Shorts