cabin fever: DIY Tie Tank

Here is how to make your very own DIY front-tie-crop-top-tank-top. I don't really know the technical term of it, but it is a great shirt to throw on for the summer! It's more than easy to make. All you need is a baggy t-shirt and a pair of scissors!

diy how to make tie tank top

diy how to make tie tank top
Start with any old t-shirt, and cut the neckline and arms. Cut it to how it would fit you best!
Then, cut a slit in the middle, from the bottom of the t-shirt to your belly button.

diy how to make tie tank top
Then, tie away!

Voila! Your very own tie tank top. Easy right? 
(Thanks to Maddie for taking these pictures!)

But if you are don't have time, the materials, or energy to make one, here is one I found on

diy how to make tie tank top

diy how to make tie tank top
{Sunglasses from Charlotte Russe}

If this weekend wasn't relaxing, then I don't know what relaxing is! Two of my bestest friends and I went up to the cabin for the 3-day weekend. The weather was gorgeous, allowing me to gain a great tan. I'm a firm user of sunscreen, but even the constant reapplying didn't prevent me from a slight burn! Besides tanning, we went on the boat and tubed. (Which is basically being pulled on an inflated tube by a speed boat.) Very fun, but tiring. My arms actually are sore from holding on to the tube for dear life! I will admit that I wiped out few, well many, times. Although the air temperature was in the 80's, the water felt like Antarctica. After a solid day in the sun, we watched tons of movies. Bridesmaids is just a classic movie. If you haven't seen it yet, you should change that. It is hilarious. I also finally got the chance to watch Stepbrothers. Was it good? Well, if you like Will Ferrel, then this movie is for you. Okay, now I'm sounding like a movie blogger or something so I will stop. 

I have a math test tomorrow... better start studying for that. Why is it that teachers schedule tests the day we come back after a long weekend? Anybody have an answer to that question?

I hope you all had a great weekend as well, and let me know if you tried the DIY!


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