Patch me up

Hey beauties!!

Wow, I have not blogged in over a week. It feels to finally sit down and catch up. (With creeping on my favorite blogs and putting an outfit post up!)

I have been sups busy. I know, I know. Everybody is busy. Golf season started for my school, and I have practice everyday after school, and then of course the homework load, so it has been hard for me to find time for blogging.

The fashion show at my school went amazingly well. I was so happy with the turn out, and I will post some pictures of it very soon!

Today, my outfit looks like it belongs in the fall. With the brown Houndstooth pattern tights and kelly green sweater, it is not the most "springy" outfit. Oh well, I could not resist the elbow patches on this sweater!!!

{Outfit Details}
(Sweater, Forever21)
(Shorts, DIY thrifted Levi's)
(Tights, Marshall's)
(Shoes, Korea)

These two dainty little necklaces pair perfectly. 
The evil eye one is from a local boutique, and the "Three Pearls in a Pod" necklace is from Forever21. 

You guys all know that I carry my vintage Coach cross body like there is no tomorrow. I have been on a hunt for a similar design to that purse, because it was becoming way too overworn! I found this find ^^^ at a thrift store. It is slightly bigger, and the color of the leather has a orange hue. I added a little scarf on it for extra girly-ness. I still love my Coach one, but it has some competition with this fabulous newcomer!

Oh, and I made a account. I'm sure most of you have been on it before. If not, GO. 
It is filled with amazing street fashion = outfit inspirations!

Happy Easter

The Pearl Collar