{On Liz}
(Button up, thrifted)
(Black lace skirt, Salvation Army)
(Boots, Thrifted)
(Bag, Vintage Coach)

{On me}
(Jean Jacket, Hollister)
(Dress, H&M)
(Loafers, Thrifted)
(Bag, Vintage Coach)

{On Amara}
(Brown denim jacket, Lola)
(Circle scarf, mine from Korea)
(Jeans, Old Navy)
(Crossbody, Bp. Nordstrom)
(Boots, Forever21)

It is great to be on spring break!!! 

Liz, Amara, and I woke up at 4 am and headed to the mall. Why were we up at 4 in the morning, you ask? Well, we wanted to get there really early so we could get tickets for a Hunger Games signing with the cast of the upcoming movie!!! Omg we were so excited. Like we woke up, we have been talking about it all week at school! So, we get to the mall, and there is literally a line WRAPPING around the mall. It was crazy. People camping in tents, bundled up in Snuggies to shield the cold wind. I asked the people who were first in line what time they got there. They said they started waiting at 1 pm the day BEFORE! Now, that is what I call a superfan. 

In the end, we pretty much of gave up on our chances of getting any where near the Hunger Games cast and returned home. After catching up on sleep, we baked the cutest cupcakes ever! Ya, we have exciting lives. In the afternoon, we ended up going to the mall again. Well, we got to actually see the cast of the Hunger Games. (From 2.357 miles and a crazy mob of teenage girls away) And we managed to get some really blurry pictures. Wow, Josh Hutcherson (Peeta) looked better than any of those cupcakes we made. 

It was a tiring, but fun day. I told myself that if the band "One Direction" ever came, I would be that person waiting at 1 pm the day before to get a chance to meet them in person. 


New York, New York