V is for Valentine—Horror Trailer

Hey everybody!!

Today is the 14th of February, and you all know what day that is. Valentine's Day! The day of love and... CHOCOLATE! Oh my gosh,,, I ate wayyyyyy too much sugar today. But it's all good. It was a fun day at school because V-day candy grams and serenade grams were sent. I hope all the ladies out there with a special someone had a great day! And for those single gals (ME), it's okay. I love being single. (Maybe I'm in denial?) Just kidding. :P It's the day to surround yourself with family and friends.

And I want to share the love with my followers as well. Your generous comments are so appreciated, I can't even begin explain!

Here is a fun clip to watch, in spirit of the day of love. But turned into a horror movie. We filmed this at school, and it was such a blast!

V is for VALENTINE ... hope you enjoy it!

xoxo Dahye

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