trendy pals

Hey everybody! My first week of 2012 went by kind of slow, probably because of going back to school after winter break. Waking up early, barely eating breakfast, blah blah blah.

My new year's resolutions are being kept at the moment! I have not had a bite of chocolate, and I try to remind myself to stop slouching in class. How are your resolutions going?

On Liz
Thrifted lace top, burgundy pleather shorts from Forever21, shoes from Target, wide brim hat from Target, Vintage Coach purse

On Me:
Fur circle scarf from American Eagle (shout out to my friend who got it for me!), cropped sweater from Charlotte Russe, black dress (worn as skirt) from H&M, tights from Gap, socks from J. Crew, black shoes from Forever21, vintage coach purse. 

Meet my amazing/shopping/knitting/eating/thrifting buddy Liz! Isn't she so cute?! I love her style. It is the definition of a vintage obsessed girl with an effortless cool. She is half Chinese and half Swedish, and trust me she LOVES her Asian side. LOL. 

These are some pictures we took when we went shopping together last weekend. I think we spent over an hour inside of American Apparel, awing at their high waisted disco pants, to the velvet crop top. We love that store, but came out with our hands empty. We just go in there to get inspiration on what to look for on our next thrifting venture. Another OMG shopping moment was when we excitedly walked towards Urban Outfitters, and saw that they were having 50% off sale items!!! To totally shoot our pumped up shopping mood down, the store was closed because they were having sewage issues...  it literally smelled like decaying garbage within a 5 foot radius around the store. I hope the clothes aren't ruined by the stench! 

Anyways, I love letting you guys into my fashion obsessed life with my amazing friends. 


Jason Wu for Target Lookbook o_O

nice to meet you, 2012