prep for the edge

Hello helloooo people!

I live in the Midwest, so November is a month where snow is usually 3 feet tall by now. But this year? NO SNOW. :) It's actually amazing, but worrisome at the same time. Is this the effect of global warming? Or is it just blinding us for a torturous, cold winter ahead?

Eh, we can worry about that one later. For now, I'm loving it!

White button up: Ralph Lauren
Lime green sweater & skirt: Charlotte Russe
Tights & bracelet: Gap
Necklace & Shoes: Forever21
Bag: Thrifted

I wore a collared shirt under this bright, cropped pull over sweater. To add some edge to this preppy style, I wore a fake leather skirt. I love combining different textures. Then, I put on my new flashy necklace from Forever21 under the collar. It has a rusty bronze hardware, with antique-like details. I've been seeing this kind of look everywhere, especially at J. Crew.

I hope you all had a great weekend. Thank you for stopping by!

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