the Lord of the Leopard

Hey people!

This week is going by very fast... Have you all read The Lord of the Flies in school? Well, we just got done with it and I have to write an essay on it. It's not the most enjoyable thing in life! Such an odd book. I often times wonder how the heck authors get their initial idea for such stories.
But then again, I guess that is how fashion designers can be so creative as well!

Leopard cardigan and bow belt: Korea
Dress and scarf: H&M
Shoes: Forever21

I wore one of my absolute favorite clothing items, my big leopard cardigan. I love leopard anything, and the loose fit and basic design of the cardigan kind of balances the bold print out. Under, I wore a dress that has a tulle fabric with pleats. I added a big black scarf, and tied everything together with my red bow belt. Red and leopard are a great couple. Don't you agree?!

Hope you are all having a good week... 2 more days until the weekend!


let it snow

prep for the edge