Faux Fur is Juicy

Hello hello!!

Faux fur is everywhere: Vests, scarves, hats, coat trims... I am on the lookout for an awesome faux fur circle scarf. Because number one, it would be warm, and number two, it would be warm. :P Today I added a small faux fur collar/scarf item I got from H&M last year. I think it adds so much Oomph and a lot more interest.

I wore this CHOOSE JUICY tshirt under a pretty sophisticated outfit to keep things sort of "age-appropriate." But then again, what really is "age appropriate" these days??

Oh meh gosh. Now this is a ring that I like to flaunt. It was handmade by the owner of the CUTEST tea party shop/eatery in San Fran called Crumpets. This ring pretty much sums up what the actual store was like. (So.cute.but.over.priced.) It's okay though, the ring itself is just so happy!

I got this small cross-body bag from the Mulberry for Target line last year. I stuffed the strap inside and carried it as a clutch! Seriously LOVED this collaboration.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a great weekend!!!

Outfit with DIY Clutch

DIY Clutch! No sewing required :)