DIY Clutch! No sewing required :)

You guys have all seen the trend: oversized foldover clutches. I have seen them everywhere in all sorts of colors and textures. I decided to make my own after googling some DIY tutorials and found that it is very easy to make!

So, here it is! 

The materials needed are extremely simple: A magazine (to roughly size how big you want your clutch), ruler, zipper, superglue, and of course, your material of choice.

I used a patent black material, with a teal zipper.

DIY how to make clutch no sew

1. Measure your material roughly with the magazine, and cut. Make sure to leave about one and a half inch of extra material on both sides so you have adequate space to glue! Having extra is always safe, because you can trim any imperfections.

DIY how to make clutch no sew

2. Apply a line of superglue along the edge. Make sure you apply the glue on the side that YOU WANT to show. We will be reversing the material inside-out when it dries.

DIY how to make clutch no sew

3. Foldover the material in half, onto the glue. Let this dry overnight!

4. Time to glue on the zipper! Apply a line of glue onto the zipper. Then, apply the zipper onto the material. Make sure you put the zipper onto the side YOU DON'T WANT showing, so that the zipper will look neat!

DIY how to make clutch no sew

5. When the glue on the zipper dries, flip the whole bag inside-out! Yay it's finit!
Finishing touches: Put poster paper inside of the clutch to make it have more structure. I also added some pearls!

DIY how to make clutch no sew

Stay tuned for a full outfit post with my DIY clutch!

DIY how to make clutch no sew

I really hope you guys liked this! It's super easy and fun to make. If you have these simple materials laying around the house, you should definitely try this! Being on trend doesn't require spending much.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

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