Sweet, Golden 16

Hello, I hope you all had a great weekend.

Sweater: Gap
Shorts: Gap
Shoes: Target
Hat: Target

I turned 16 years old today!
It was also my golden birthday because I turned 16 on the 16th. Heehee!
I had some yummy food and a pool party with some friends. Now that I'm getting "older," I've come to realize that having a small of group of true friends is so much more valuable than having a giant posse. I definitely take what I have for granted, and I should be more thankful for them everyday. So, I wanted to thank you guys for always having a nice comment to say, and inspiring posts to share.

And no, I did not get my driver's license yet! I still have a few more driving lesons to finish up. They are always so boring and kind of awkward...
And yes, I did listen to the song "Sweet 16" by Hilary Duff. Such a classic song. :)

Thank you for stopping by and comment below!


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