solid brights

Hey everybody!

Wow, the temperature totally DROPPED this week. Talk about bipolar...80 degrees one day, 60 degrees the next. But whatever, there is no snow on the ground so I wore my favorite mint green skirt! I paired it with a loose pink dolman style sweater top. I love how the back of this top is longer, letting just a little peek of green show. To go along with the solid colors, I threw on a grey circle scarf. I wore my nude oxfords, carried my pink cross-body, and turned my long hair into a bob!

Skirt: Korea
Top: Marshall's
Scarf: Korea
Bag: Korea
Shoes: Korea

Oh my gosh...I just noticed everything I have on is from Korea!!! Well, I went to Seoul this summer and let's just say that everywhere  you go: TONS of shopping. It's really great. I miss the food too. Wanna know something sad? I stilll haven't gone to Target yet to check out the Missoni line. There is never enough time during the weekdays, so that is definitely what I will be doing this weekend!

Happy Friday!

* Sunshine Award *

Lovely Accent Nail