Bohemian Labor Day Weekend + Thank you

Hey everyone! First of all, I wanted to thank my followers. I started my blog about a month ago now, and I am so thankful to have reached 21 followers! I thank you for  following me, because I know that there are literally THOUSANDS of amazing fashion blogs out there. Every time I get a new follower, I get so excited to know that people actually like my posts! I read every single comment, even though I don't reply to them, and I check back to your blogs. The blog community is so supportive of each other, and it makes my love for fashion grow more and more. So, yeah. I just wanted to put that out there!!!

Best carrot cake I have ever had so far!

Panna cotta with blueberries...yum.

Cute blond boy with cute white dog! Happiness.

It is September, and the weather is already getting chillier. The days are getting shorter, and the winds have that certain "fall" scent. Time to start layering. I wore a very comfortable bohemian outfit today.

Maxi skirt: Nordstrom Rack
Cardigan/shawl thing: Marshall's
Bag: Dior
Shoes: Marshall's
Earrings: Target
This was actually my first time wearing a maxi skirt, EVER! I now understand the fuss...and how comfortable it really is!
Hope you all had a great labor day weekend. For me, I start school tomorrow...I have that excited-but-at-the-same-time-not-excited feeling. I think you guys know that feeling.

Thanks for stopping by and comment below. :)

Bow at the Waist

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