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Missoni for Target

Hey everybody, I hope you all had a great weekend!

So, in my last post I had mentioned how surprised I was at how fast the Missoni for Target line sold out! I really underestimated it. I heard it was crazy to the extent that target.com had to shut down?! I live in suburbia, where for the most part, football comes before fashion. So, I really didn't think I had to rush to the nearest Target on the launch date, because with homework and activities, I really don't have time to spare. Well, I was wrong. My mom went to Target on that weekend, and she called me saying everything was basically gone! (cue dramatic music.) But, she did find me this great skirt from the kids section. Haha, thank goodness for size XL. Without further ado, here is the outfit.

missoni for target outfit

missoni for target outfit

missoni for target outfit

missoni for target outfit

Skirt: obviously Missoni for Target!
Button up shirt: Ralph Lauren
Bomber jacker: Herberger's
Boots: Madden Girl
Bag: Lucky Brand

"Patterned for no one, Priced for everyone."

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